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  • High School Reunion
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  • Closer
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Award Winning Country Music Artist

Since 2003, Steve has ten #1 singles on charts around the world and voted 5th most played international artist.

With a long history of award-winning songs, Steve Zuwala’s newest single “All About You” featuring Mike McGuire from the group Shenandoah is sure to make waves. “Steve’s ability to connect with folks through his songs is one of his greatest gifts,” says Lamon Records President Dave Moody.  “We’ve been working with Steve for a long time, and he always seems to surprise me with his music.”

Since 2003, Steve has written, produced, and performed eight #1 international singles. His  recent single “All About You” charted at #73 on the Music Row Charts, and his prior single “Closer” charted #74 on Music Row Charts and #1 on the Independent Music Network Chart, #19 on the AMC Charts and #1 Airplay Express.  His classic country-rock songs blended with his modern eclectic vibe means that every song has a familiar, yet new, feel.

His follow-up single, “High School Reunion” provokes thought and feeling. It’s the story of two kids, the high school jock and the shy not so popular girl, who meet up years later to discover how their lives flipped and how life amazes us.

“I enjoy the Country and Rock music of the 70’s and 80’s. My influences are the Country Music styles of the old George Strait, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks era, as well as the lyrica skills of David Gates of “Bread”.

“If I were to describe my music style, I would say eclectic. I like to mix it up a bit,” Steve says.

Steve's Latest Album "FLY"

“I am sure that you will enjoy my latest work “FLY”. I think there is something or everyone. Ballads, Rock and even island sounds.

It took e two years to finish this and I’m proud of the way it turned out.

I hope you will take a moment to listen to the tracks and , if you are so inclined, I’d be honored if you took my music home with you.

You can find this album at all online stores or you can download a copy from this website at a discounted price.

I am anxious to hear your thoughts on this album do drop me a line. And as always, thank you for your support!”

  • All I Can Do - Steve Zuwala
  • Beautiful Day - Steve Zuwala
  • Alone With Me - Steve Zuwala
  • Better You - Steve Zuwala
  • Call on Me - Steve Zuwala
  • Fly - Steve Zuwala
  • Love or Somethin Like It - Steve Zuwala
  • Me Myself and I - Steve Zuwala
  • Never Want to See You Go - Steve Zuwala
  • Real McCoy - Steve Zuwala
  • Skinny Dippin - Steve Zuwala
  • Somewhere With You - Steve Zuwala
  • Wish I Knew - Steve Zuwala
  • You Who - Steve Zuwala
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Music Videos

"It's About Time"

“It’s About Time” Written by Steve Zuwala and performed in concert by Steve and Guitarist Charlie Cruz. Interesting fact, this was the first time that Charlie performed the single! This song has yet to be released.

"Toes in the Sand"

HMA Single of the Year “Toes in the Sand”, a song about taking it easy in Hawaii, was performed by Steve, John Keawe, Brittni Paiva, Chalie Cruz and others.


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